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This December, discover how our core values of openness, attention, responsibility, trust, collaboration and mindfulness underpin our teaching of target shooting.

In this fun 2-hour session, we will walk you through our safety principles, build the body-rifle relationship and explore the shot process. Our aim is for you to hit your mark on a series of paper targets as individuals, in pairs and to play exciting team games on reactive metal targets, too. Our competition-ready PCP rifles are accurate and easy to use for maximum fun.

These winter workshops are special events for kids aged 8 – 18, where accompanying adults* may join in the fun. In addition to a fun shoot, you will find out how our term time classes offer a framework for personal development as well as a compelling sport

Aim Further

Your child can develop skills, concentration, patience and strength, especially if the more mainstream team-based sports aren’t their forte.

Hit the Mark

It’s a fun and fast-growing sport with skills recognised in the Scouting and Duke of Edinburgh Awards programmes.

Stay on Target

Don’t be fooled, with the right training and practice target shooting is a very safe sport. And your child’s safety is our number one priority.

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Winter Workshops are being held in Ashford, Hildenborough, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and St Paul’s Cray
Each 2 hour session is only £30 (and £25 for a sibling to join in) and they’re running from 4th – 10th December
“My son has always had a keen interest in learning to shoot but there was never a place for him to do this safely in a controlled environment. Target Shooting School has been perfect. He has improved in leaps and bounds, not just only in his shooting ability but also his overall confidence.”
“When Lucy heard about targeting shooting she wanted to try it out. She loved it! She has shown real commitment to the sport, and now represents the Target Shooting School first ever air rifle squad county junior team.”

“We’d tried to get Alex interested in different clubs but nothing kept his interest. Since the first target shooting taster session he’s not looked back. He finds it very hard to concentrate on anything usually but he seems to manage it while shooting. He’s proud of his shooting and is better behaved than anywhere else.”

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