Target shooting is a fun, accessible and fast-growing sport. Popular with girls and boys and suitable for disabled and able-bodied children.

With regular practice, target shooting increases skill and coordination, confidence and self-discipline, teamwork and friendship.

Spring 2024 classes are booking now at Ashford, Hildenborough, St Pauls Cray and Sevenoaks. Begin your first term with a Two Week Trial starting from February 9th

What to expect

  • Training in air rifle and air pistol for ages 8 to 18 running during school terms
  • Skills training for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards
  • Participation in county-level and national competitions for ambitious competitors
  • Friendly and supportive environment for those who shoot just for fun
  • No equipment fees and full use of the school’s high-quality air rifles/pistols
  • DBS and NSRA accredited instructors providing expert individual tuition for every child

Aim Further

Your child can develop skills, concentration, patience and strength, especially if the more mainstream team-based sports aren’t their forte.

Hit the Mark

It’s a fun and fast-growing sport with skills recognised in the Scouting and Duke of Edinburgh Awards programmes.

Stay on Target

Don’t be fooled, with the right training and practice target shooting is a very safe sport. And your child’s safety is our number one priority.
“My son has always had a keen interest in learning to shoot but there was never a place for him to do this safely in a controlled environment. Target Shooting School has been perfect. He has improved in leaps and bounds, not just only in his shooting ability but also his overall confidence.”
“When Lucy heard about targeting shooting she wanted to try it out. She loved it! She has shown real commitment to the sport, and now represents the Target Shooting School first ever air rifle squad county junior team.”

“We’d tried to get Alex interested in different clubs but nothing kept his interest. Since the first target shooting taster session he’s not looked back. He finds it very hard to concentrate on anything usually but he seems to manage it while shooting. He’s proud of his shooting and is better behaved than anywhere else.”

Ten things we LOVE about Target Shooting!

1. Lots of fun!

It’s so much fun! We love our sport and know your child will get as much enjoyment from this sport as we do.

2. Sociable and welcoming

Target shooting is hugely sociable, bringing children and young people together. As young people progress in the sport, it’s not unusual to see them practising or competing against people of other ages, abilities and backgrounds too.

3. For everyone!

Shooting is a sport that can be enjoyed by disabled and able-bodied people. In our classes we have a number of children with SEN who enjoy and benefit from the sport.

4. Supports physical development

Our target shooters need stamina, upper body and core strength to safely handle a rifle and keep it steady while aiming. Even if they don’t start with these, they’ll quickly develop them.

5. Improves focus

You don’t just need physical strength to shoot, you need plenty of mental agility too. Young shooters improve their focus, resilience and attention skills while practising shooting.

6. Increases patience

Young target shooters also learn how to be patient; able to plan their next shot with a cool head as well as managing their time effectively.

7. Provides purpose

It’s a fact that some children don’t shine at mainstream team sports. Individual sports like target shooting can give these children the chance to enjoy a sport that plays to their strengths.

8. Sets personal goals

Young target shooters are encouraged to set personal goals as they improve, which contributes to a real sense of achievement when they reach them.

9. Promotes teamwork

And it’s far from just an individual discipline, it can be a team sport teaching your child how to lead others, support them and rely on them.

10. Completely safe

Any sport can be dangerous if people are reckless. Our pupils learn to use rifles responsibly, focusing on theirs and others’ safety on the range.

Give it a shot!

To find out more about our 2-week trials, please fill out this short form, including your preferred location, and we’ll get back to you with further details.