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Target shooting is a funaccessible and fast-growing sport. Popular with both boys and girls, and suitable for disabled and able-bodied children.

We’ve got a range of classes this Summer, for everyone from kids (and grown-ups!) new to the sport who are curious to give it a try, to experienced shooters who want to level up their skills.

Starting from a solid foundation of safety and basic shooting principles, you’ll discover how our 4 core values of responsibility, trust, collaboration, and mindfulness underpin our teaching of target shooting.

Our competition-ready rifles are accurate and easy to use for maximum fun, paired with a variety of static and moving targets to really test your skills!

For those who want to take their knowledge even further, we’ll give you the experience to begin our Autumn 2024 term of classes with confidence.

All our Summer sessions are for all ages from the 8 years+, running on various dates throughout 25 July to 14 August 2024. Our venues are in St Paul’s Cray, Sevenoaks, Hildenborough, and Ashford.

Quick technical note! If you are the adult completing the application form and you also wish to participate, please ensure you add yourself in the Student Details section, or by clicking the ‘Add Another Student’ button at the bottom of the application form if accompanying someone else, and add your date of birth in the ‘or Anything else we need to know?’ box. Thank you!

1.5 Hour Taster Session

Best for: ages 8-10 years, and grown-ups

What’s involved: learning the basics, plus a bit of time to practise

Everybody starts somewhere, and this is the perfect place to begin! We give all our students a thorough grounding in their responsibility towards rifle handling and range safety. In our safe and expertly controlled environment, you’ll fire your first shots on a series of paper targets that are yours to take home (and frame, if you like!). You will be introduced to our 4 core principles, particularly mindfulness and the body/rifle relationship that allows you to improve at this highly rewarding sport.

3 Hour (Half Day) Workshop

Best for: ages 10+, and grown-ups

What’s involved: learning the basics, plus games, static / reactive targets, and more

Building on our taster session, with extended time to do more shooting, you’ll be shown how to improve your trust in the process and your performance in aiming for the target. The skills of mindfulness and body awareness, which are vital in precision sports, will enable more shots to strike a smaller area of the targets, which will be a mixture of paper targets and reactive (moving) targets.

Current students are welcome to book onto this workshop as well – ideal for keeping up those skills over the summer!

Full Day Proficiency Workshop

Best for: ages 10+, and grown-ups

What’s involved: learning the basics, plus games, static / reactive targets, competition skills, and more

In this 7-hour session (with breaks), you’ll have more opportunity to practise both our core values and your shooting! Continuing on from the Half-Day Workshop, we’ll show you how to succeed on competition targets and play more games of skill with our metal reactive (moving) targets. We can also explore different shooting stances, target distances, and shooting outdoors.

Current students are welcome to book onto this workshop as well – ideal for keeping up those skills over the summer!

Three Day Proficiency Workshop (Sevenoaks)

Best for: ages 10-18 years only (no grown-ups, sorry!)

What’s involved: advanced skills training

Serious (but fun) workshop for those who have some shooting experience. Our modular syllabus builds on a solid foundation of safety and marksmanship principles, while also providing flexibility for groups of students with varied experience. Even advanced students will find something new to learn – particularly as the the outdoor ranges at this venue offer a very unique challenge!

Any questions? No problem!

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“My son has always had a keen interest in learning to shoot but there was never a place for him to do this safely in a controlled environment. Target Shooting School has been perfect. He has improved in leaps and bounds, not just only in his shooting ability but also his overall confidence.”
“When Lucy heard about targeting shooting she wanted to try it out. She loved it! She has shown real commitment to the sport, and now represents the Target Shooting School first ever air rifle squad county junior team.”

“We’d tried to get Alex interested in different clubs but nothing kept his interest. Since the first target shooting taster session he’s not looked back. He finds it very hard to concentrate on anything usually but he seems to manage it while shooting. He’s proud of his shooting and is better behaved than anywhere else.”

Aim Further

Your child can develop skills, concentration, patience and strength, especially if the more mainstream team-based sports aren’t their forte.

Hit the Mark

It’s a fun and fast-growing sport with skills recognised in the Scouting and Duke of Edinburgh Awards programmes.

Stay on Target

With expert training and practice, target shooting is a very safe sport. And your child’s safety is our number one priority.

Malcolm West, Target Shooting School Kent Principal

Mal, Target Shooting School Principal

Mal was introduced to rifle shooting at a young age by his dad, a member of the British Army Intelligence Corps who later became a teacher. Mal developed his skills by experimenting with different distances and different targets in their rural back garden.

Intrigued by the history of shooting both as a leisure activity and a military pursuit, he went on to gain a degree in War Studies at King’s College London, where he discovered precision target shooting at the university’s shooting club. He was rapidly promoted to Club Captain and began training new members.

After graduating, he took the role of Head of Shooting at a prestigious private school in Kent, where he spent 15 years as a coach transforming novice beginners into highly accomplished junior shooters.

Mal’s ultimate goal is to make shooting accessible to all, including those outside of a private school education, and so Target Shooting School Kent was formed.

Having been part of the Kent County Squad for the past 20 years, Mal continues to shoot competitively at County level, around his work with TSS.

Target Shooting School Coach Dominic Fung

Dom, Target Shooting School Coach

Dominic is a shooter and coach with close to a decade of competition experience at international level. He holds Grandmaster grades in Shotgun and Mini Rifle, and is the current British Champion in the latter. He has been selected for the GB National Squad for several World Shoots.

He was introduced to the sport by family, cadets, and experience days, but his interest really gained traction when he discovered Practical Shotgun, just over 10 years ago. He progressed rapidly, developing skill and consistency, and rose to become a practical shooting instructor.

Practical shooting is a sport which tests both accuracy and speed, demanding that the shooter finds good balance of the two. Dom’s input to the classes has resulted in a fusion of styles that are complementary, introducing fun speed-based games, as well as exploring how embracing speed safely can help students to learn to trust their diligently crafted skills.

Target Shooting School has developed a shooting approach which has been especially helpful in developing Dom’s own proficiency in competing, while introducing many more young people to the sport.